Handmade Cookie Cutters

I always look forward to every order I receive.  Why you ask?  Well to me its just fun not only because I get to meet new people and acquire a loyal customer but just to do something completely costume and unique to that persons style or personality for their theme.  Nothing but pure fun to me!  So I had an order for Betty Boop cookies and I was so excited to get the opportunity to make them.  Most orders I get I choose not to buy cookies cutters only because they are so costly or they just simply do not exist.  So how do I do it you are thinking...well I always make my own handmade cookie cutters!!  Now if that doesn't excited you to know and make you want to place a fun order with me I don't know what will <3  Here is a fun picture I got to snap while I was baking to show how the Betty Boop heads came out just for your curiosity.  They came out PERFECT!  Making cookie cutters unique to your order is nothing but fun in my mind.